How to shoot your own cake smash photography

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Cake Smash Photography Liverpool

What is a cake smash?

Cake smash photographs are the new craze in baby and child photography. The idea of a cake smash is to celebrate your child first birthday with their first taste of cake and capturing some beautiful photographs to record the time. Cake smash are a nice idea for second birthdays also. Below are some things to think about when trying out a cake smash at home.

First birthday cake for Cake Smash photography Liverpool

The Theme

It’s a good idea to choose a theme for your cake smash photos. This might be just a colour theme. I usually only select one or two colours for a theme to keep it simple. The obvious choice themes are various shades of pink for girls and blues for boys. However, I have also seen festive themes used such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter themes, as well as seasonal themes winter, autumn and spring, and general themes such as french chic and jungle animals.


The Outfit

The popular choice currently is a frills and tutu’s for little girls, along with maybe some necklaces and bows or flowers in their hair. For boys cone party hats are nice idea and look quite festive. Personalised, named t-shirts or baby-grows are also a nice idea for you to try. Whatever you choose make sure your outfit tones in with your theme and colour(s), and is washable.


The Cake

Choose a cake in colours in keeping with your theme. Remember the cake is not the main focus, the baby is. I personally like cakes quite plain with lots of texture, I choose cakes with roses made with icing in the studio.

Cakes can be placed on the floor or on a cake stand. Plastic cake stands, if you can find one, are a good idea to use as they don’t break easily and so avoids accidents. Otherwise heavy glass stands do the job quite nicely and look the part. While a tipped over cake stand can add more interest to photos, be careful to keep a close eye on baby pulling it over with strong force if you have chosen the glass stand option.

Be careful to avoid brown iced cakes as these don’t tend to look good mixed with dribble all over baby.


The Backdrop

Ideal backdrops are a plain wall you can also use material, or a roll of long paper, pinned or taped to the wall. If you have wipe-able flooring and you would like to show it off the backdrop can stop when it reaches the floor, if not, you can extend your backdrop under baby and cake as well. If you choose the latter I would suggest you can put plastic down underneath and surrounding the backdrop to help with cleaning up at the end, this could be a lot! :-/ Make sure your backdrop has no creases in it to give better looking photographs.


The Decorations

Balloons are an obvious choice for a birthday party. However, you could use anything really to decorate with. My favourites to use are flag bunting, pompoms and paper tassels, all of which you can make yourself if you don’t want to purchase. Make sure decorations hang no higher than three feet from the ground so they can be seen on the photographs. Also, make sure balloon strings or other things on the ground are to the sides, and don’t interfere with the cameras view of baby and the cake. Remember to keep decor to a minimum as they are not the main focus of the scene.


Take Some Photos!

It might be nice to get some of baby before the cake is introduced. This way you can try out nice outfits which won’t get mucky or cake covered.

You might also like to take some of the cake on it’s own, as part of documenting the day.

Before the cake smash begins, I want to warn you that they can be very messy! I would suggest you wear a washable robe or at least clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and also some warm water at hand to clean baby off at the end as the last thing you want to do it spread the icing all round the house.

Now you can start your shoot, try different angles and see what looks best.

That’s it! Good luck and enjoy.


Here’s some of our work…

Baby with Cake. Cake Smash Photography Liverpool

Baby with cake. Cake Smash Photography Liverpool


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